Kim Stevenson on the BRIGHTON PARKast (S1, E3)

It's Season 1, Episode 3 of the BRIGHTON PARKast. Today's episode is a discussion about technical leadership with Kim Stevenson and our host James LaPlaine.


Kim and I first met several years ago while I served on the Intel Executive Board of Advisors and she was Intel's CIO. I immediately appreciated both her engagement with the group and her direct communication style. In this episode we dig into the intentional transformation she underwent from being the applier to the creator of technology. We discuss technical leadership, learn about the career journey Kim has taken, and talk about her transition to corporate board work. Kim has also been a long time advocate for a more inclusive workforce and an active champion for women in technology.

Kim Stevenson: Technical Leadership - The BRIGHTON PARKast (podcast)
00:56:52 - In this episode, we hear from Kim Stevenson. Kim has led world-class technology teams at some of the most iconic brands in the industry su…