Aidan Kehoe: Cybersecurity & Beyond (BRIGHTON PARKast S1, E5)

In this episode, we're joined by Aidan Kehoe, Founder & Former CEO of SKOUT Cybersecurity. Aidan dives into his remarkable journey beginning with his move from Ireland to the United States, which laid the foundation for a life marked by impactful relationships and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Aidan Kehoe: Cybersecurity & Beyond (BRIGHTON PARKast S1, E5)
A selfie of Aidan Kehoe with the Brighton Park Capital crew in the background

Some conversations leave their imprint long after the dialog finishes — this is one of those discussions. Aidan Kehoe is the founder and managing partner at Nadia Partners, which invests in both artificial intelligence and energy transition companies. Aidan shares his salient knowledge gained from starting and running SKOUT Cybersecurity, a company he sold to Barracuda Networks in 2021.

Aidan's career began when he took a chance to leave his home country of Ireland in his early 20's. Chance encounters and a good deal of hustle allowed him to build a network of influential investors and leaders that continues to shape Aidan's career today. He shares how he's demonstrated vulnerability and humility as a leader, the painful lessons he learned about what he'd good at and what he's not, and why he's motivated to be involved in industries that are making a postive impact.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

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